Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Marry Rich (The Rich Need Love, too, so why not YOU?? lol!)

How To Marry Rich (Don't worry, it's tongue 'n cheek!)

Okay, so I was watching Dr. Phil a looong time ago, and he had a guest on who had written How To Snare A Millionaire. Hmmmmm... I'm sure that's a great read, but her info was mostly directed at one particular type of Millionaire Male -- and it was primarily focussed on Dating, not Marrying. Two completely separate things for wealthy guys -- okay, most guys! :)

Wealth can be measured by many things -- a Wealth of Possibilities is sometimes even more fun in a mate than finding everything ready-made. Then you can then grow in your Wealth, together. Doesn't that sound like fun? Plus, Rich to one person might mean being able to pay all the bills without worrying, and to the next person 'Rich' might mean having the biggest Yacht in the Habour. Make up your own mind about 'How much does it take to be Wealthy', and you'll be well on your way to your own Personal Wealth and Happiness

Oh, and here's a little epiphany I had a while back -- you know what you really want to find in a Mate? Someone with a Generous Spirit. It occurred to me that a person with a truly generous spirit will be open to sharing everything about their lives, including their money. Money is just a good indicator of how they often handle the rest of their lives. Tight with the Money, Tight with the Love. This has very little to do with how much money anyone has, just the willingness to share, so watch out for that, and be lovely and open, yourself. You'll find a Great Match in no time!

Okay, let's say you know someone (is it me?? haha!) who is looking for a nice relationship and might be a bit shy about joining up for Internet Dating all on their own... this might be the perfect present for someone that you love who wants to find a little extra-special love of their very own! Here are some little tips so you can at least spot a wealthy (or soon-to-be-wealthy) guy:

1. If that BMW he's driving is most likely leased, you may be looking at a guy who owes a whole lot of money to someone else... It's pretty easy to LOOK rich. You might want to check out the guy in the Truck or not-so-new-but-still-nice vehicle -- chances are high that he's the one who's been saving his bucks, and has the ability to make a whole lot more of them!

2. High Maintenance Women are great for High Maintenance Men -- are you willing to be a Barbie forever? Think you ever want to just kick back and enjoy your life? Probably not with this guy -- he'll demand perfection -- his mother will, too, and yes, she'll definitely come with the package. (Hey, I don't know why these guys are like that -- it's just a part of the special -- and sometimes anal retentive -- package that you can often get with the Rich and Famous!)

3. Wealthy Men are really looking for down-to-earth women who won't blow their budget. (Go ahead... make all your jokes here...I'll wait! ...) They are open to friendly women who would make easy companions -- fun to talk with who can get down to business when they need to -- which is fairly often -- that's how wealth is made and kept! He wants to be married for life, since he is seriously trying to avoid losing half of his wealth-to-date in a Divorce.

Now, here's a difference between a Rich Man and a Wealthy Man...a Rich Man is a fellow with a tremendous amount of money, and often he is looking for a 'Trophy Wife'. A Wealthy Man is someone who has worked really hard for his money and who wants to not only keep it, he wants to make sure it grows. The Wealthy Man is looking for a Partner to work along side him in this growth business, and help him keep his life running smoothly, then the whole family is much happier.

Remember that the Type of Work that a Wealthy Man does may not match what is typically thought of as a 'monied position'. The old thinking was that only Doctors and Lawyers were the ones with money (this doesn't include Athletes, since they are few and far between, and we're talking about men you might actually come in contact with on any given day..!). Enterpreneurs, Contractors, Teachers (yes, some teachers are really, really good money managers, and are able to amass all sorts of wealth!), People in Construction and Real Estate, and let's not forget Computers! Almost any line of work can lead a person down the Road to Wealth -- it's all about Money Management, not necessarily how much you make in any given year.
Keep an open mind when you meet a new person to see what they're really all about. You'll ensure a better future for yourself if you hook up with a man who has a solid understanding of Wealth Management. A guy with a really high salary who spends like a fiend (and NOT on Real Estate! ha,ha!) in order to APPEAR Wealthy will be more difficult to get ahead with than someone who earns less but manages his money well.

4. Hang out at Boat Shows -- those guys are typically loaded. They have to be to buy a boat and then actually take it out on the water. If you're lucky enough to live near water, hang about (not leeringly...) at the Docks. Who knows who you might run into...? Hey, Building and Home Shows are great, too -- maybe you'll get some great ideas while you're there, too!

Don't forget to pop into shops where the wealthy go -- the Home Improvement Stores, Stationary Supply Stores, the Jean Stores (yes, contrary to popular opinion, many wealthy men wear jeans!) and, of course, the grocery and liquor stores!

I'm not sure why Bars got such a bad rap -- especially Dance Bars and Cool Pubs. They're fun to hang out at with your friends, and perhaps you'll meet someone nice. Keep in mind that 'the wealthy' generally didn't start out that way -- you might find a diamond in the rough!

Sports Games are great, too (small plug -- I'd like to see every Sports Team out there with their own Logo on a Buff so when you went to games there'd be a whole SEA of Buffs for each side -- if you know someone interested in that, for Goodness Sake have them contact me! Pweeeease!) Back to the games -- want a manly man? Check out the local Rugby matches... Love Hockey or Basketball? Try to catch the NHL and MBA (whooops! Slight trip of the tongue, there! Although those MBA guys are great, too...) ... Should be NBA Games, then go meet the Players -- there's usually a cool Bar in or nearby the Arena where you could 'mingle'! No gushing, though -- play it calm and collected -- they'll appreciate the lack of craziness! All the people you will meet in this scenario will be interesting, so keep your mind open and make some new friends.

Just one little tidbit about going out with a group of girls -- watch out for the 'group syndrome', where some poor soul comes over to ask you to dance and there's a quick and seldom subtle 'group decision' about 'whether he should be permitted a dance or not'... ugh. Everybody hates this -- it's not High School anymore ... always make your own decision about who you like and be kind whenever you can. It's very hard for a man to approach a woman in a group (all the more reason not to always travel in packs!), so if you're not offended by the guy, one little dance is the polite thing to do. Unless it's a slow song, and he's been leering at you all night, in which case a simple 'No Thanks. Maybe a Fast dance later on...' ought to work. Strike up some conversations and have some fun!

5. Learn how to cook. No kidding. Check out my favorite recipes on the Tips & Recipes Page, and try your hand at one of the recipes. I haven't met a man, yet, who doesn't love Cheesecake, so give that one a shot! Hey, you'll have a lovely treat for you and your girlfriends while you seek out that guy! You don't need to cook everything, it's just very useful to have a couple of signature dishes that you can make that will be fun to make for your new guy!

6. Have (and go to...) parties with other single people. Make them pre-timed in the afternoon, if it's too weird to have one in the evening. Say, from 2:00pm - 4:00pm on a Sunday. Have each friend you invite bring another single person. Be sure to include your 'couple friends', too -- they are great sources for single folk! At the very least, you might make a new friend or business acquaintance. Sunday works, since you're more likely to get into a restaurant if you like someone enough to continue the conversation over dinner.

7. Speaking of Dinner Out -- this is a very good sign of what kind of man you're dealing with -- a fellow who makes it clear in advance of the meal that it's his treat is a good guy. Not in a weird way, though -- if he goes on and on that he's going to pay, and it's a huuuge deal, forget it. This guy's crazy with his money, and you don't want to date a guy like this, let alone marry him!) If he wants to share the tab on the first date, watch out. Don't worry about that old thing where everything should be equal or you won't be on equal footing. If you like him, you can offer to pick up the tab on the next meal... Just the offer of reciprocation is very indicative of your willingness to be equal partners, and that's what he's looking for.

Now, of course, if you ask him out, you should also be prepared to foot the bill. Don't feel like you have to hit the best restaurant in town -- you could have a nice picnic in the Park, or have him over to your place for dinner (if you've already had a few dates and you're comfortable with this).

I actually had a 'blind date' years ago where the fellow brought a Grocery List and a Recipe for me to make dinner for him -- can you believe that?? And to think he's still single -- who'da thunk that?! I couldn't believe it, so I suggested just going out for Chinese, and guess who paid the bill -- me! I couldn't get rid of him fast enough... (just so you know, this guy was no poor soul -- I was poorer than dirt at the time, but he was an Architect and Professor... see how important knowing how they deal with money is? Being with a man whose wallet squeaks and dust puffs out when he finally opens it is a nightmare to be married to -- he'll control his own and your money for the entire marriage.) And you always thought it was just a little meal!

8. Be yourself -- no need to put on any airs. That's no fun and you want someone who will love you, not some made-up version of yourself. You know you're lots of fun to be around -- let him see that, too!

9. Be confident. Know that you are worthy of being with him -- and make sure he is worthy of being with you. Money isn't everything -- sometimes it comes with a great big jerk at the end of the leash! (Ha, ha! I'm amusing myself, now, with that dog analogy!) Be extra careful not to get too swept up in the cars and houses (although, I've been known to be swayed by a gorgeous home in the past...and currently, too! And a really gorgeous pool could still turn my head! ha,ha!). It's the guy you have to live with, so might as well pretend that the other stuff isn't in the picture and see if you still like him. (Although, truth be told, there's many a man who would be all alone if it weren't for their many attractive 'assets'! ha!)
10. Well, ladies, go out there and find the man of your dreams! Hey, find two or three! You might need a back-up, just in case! Good Luck!

N.B. The reason I think you might like a wealthy guy as opposed to an actual millionaire (not that there's anything wrong with millionaires, they're just a little on the rare side...!) is that he will probably have more in common with you -- youth, optimism, hair (little Dr. Phil joke for you, there!), and sometimes a greater propensity towards sharing. I'm sure you're all familiar with the old line, "It's not what you have, it's what you do with it..." Well, I'm not so sure it really applies to anything but money (ha,ha!) -- you don't have to have a huge income to have a really happy and content life, but you do need to know how to manage your money in order to create and maintain wealth. If you find yourself with a guy who has no clue what to do with his stuff, God Knows he won't know what to do with yours either, so move onwards and upwards, baby -- there are lots of 'right ones' out there for you -- might as well get back in the game, now, and find one!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rub the Money Frog!

The Money Frog
Okay, I have been playing around with the idea of The Money Frog for over a year, now, my biggest struggle is trying to remember how on earth I used to get new pictures onto my website -- really, how did I forget that?? I have a fantastic picture of The Money Frog in my email, and on my phone, so surely there is a way to get it on here for you to rub. Yep. Rub it. Rubbit, rubbit. Lol! No kidding!
I tell you the little story, then you, too, will want to give the old 'Money Frog' a rub, too! haha!

Rub it, rub it, Rub The Money Frog for Good Luck, and see how much money comes into your life!! Good Luck!! :) Come on back in and Rub the Money Frog every day, see what happens! Let the money roll into your life! (Right Click, Create Shortcut)

So, I'm at my Escrow Lady's office, overlooking the ocean (Clue # 1 that the Money Frog works!), and we're signing page after page after page for my new Mortgage on this lovely Condo that I had just purchased, and I couldn't help but notice this giant Frog she (Lori) had on her desk. So I said to Lori, Hey, what up wit' da Frog?? haha! Really, it's not the most handsome frog, ever, but he was huuge, and happily sitting on her desk.

Lori tells me this great long story about how she used to go in to her favorite Chinese Restaurant in Manhattan Beach, and every time she went in there for dinner, she would rub the Money Frog on her way out. And each time she would rub the Money Frog, checks would come to her within three days. Money would just pour in, in three magical days. (Clue # 2 that the Money Frog works!) She told the Owners of the Restaurant, who were very, very nice, how lucky she had been with the Money Frog, and how she had received money right after rubbing it. So the Owner of the Chinese Restaurant brought back a giant Money Frog from China, the next time she went, and gave it to Lori. How nice was that??

Of course, I rubbed the Frog, immediately... then, shockingly, I made a teensy little joke about how much money you might get if you did something else to the Money Frog, and we all laughed, and rubbed that damn Frog some more! hahaha! And wouldn't you know it, money started pouring in to me, too. Within the three days. (Clue # 3 that the Money Frog works! lol!)

So the next time I was down in Lori's office, signing even more papers and paying even more money for Escrow, I took a picture of the Money Frog, so I could put it in my phone, to show everyone I knew, and have them rub the Money Frog, see if the same thing happened to them...
and it did! Yippee! I'm all about everyone gettin' rich, right?? Money is fun, so why not get as much as you can?? Yeah, let's all get wealthy, buy more property!! hahaha! (Clearly, I'm all excited about this!)

This is a Series of Pictures of The Money Frog -- WooHoo, I finally got The Money Frog pictures up on my Site!!

Okay, now, rub it, rub it, Rub The Money Frog for Good Luck, and see how much money comes into your life!! Good Luck!! :)


So I have been looking online for different ways I can market The Money Frog, and I think I have some pretty good options... right now I'm just looking at the cheapest manufacturing for my new Money Frog products, then I have to figure out if I should try to sell them online, or strictly on Venice Beach! hahaha! (Yes, if you're new to my site,, welcome, and I do live really close to the beach... but not ON da Beach, and that is the Goal!! Come on, Little Money Frog, get mama to da Beach!! lol!)

I've got a lot of work to do to get my new Money Frog business off the ground, but I'm really excited about it, and I hope it will do well. I think what I will do, initially, is try to find you some Money Frog links, so you can easily check things out, see him for yourself.

Now I have little Money Frogs all over my house -- he likes to sit inside the Front Door, to the South of the door, not too high up. The legend is that The Money Frog leaps down in the middle of the night to go and bring money into the house, that's why he sits close to the Front Door. The Position of the Money Frog is important -- facing toward the interior of the room -- I like The Money Frog to sit at an angle, looking into the center of the living room. The Placement of the Money Frog is really up to you -- some people like to place the Money Frog in the corner of their rooms, looking toward the center of the room, or surrounding the Front doorway. Placing Two Money Frogs together, on either side of the Front Door is said to be very lucky (!)... You can put a little Money Frog on either side of your front door, too, and anywhere money flows into your life, like by a cash register, a computer (if you make money using your computer, and I hope you do! lol!). He does not like to be in your bedroom or in your bathroom (let's hope you're not making big money in yo' bathroom!! lol! Yick!!)... a little tricky, though, since often your computer is in your bedroom...

Feng Shui Tips: Oh, and while we're doing a little Feng Shui (The Money Frog is all a part of Feng Shui, called Chan Chu, and he wants to bring Good Luck and Good Fortune into your Life), here are a couple of other wee Feng Shui tips -- put anything Yellow by or on the West Walls of your home, to bring in more money, and put Green things on or near the South walls to bring more Luck into your Home and Life ... let me know if it works! :)

Feng Shui Love Tip: Aaand, if you want to bring more Love into your life (really, I need to do a whole lot more of this!!), group things in 'couples' (pairs)... so two candles together, instead of across the room from each other, two bowls, two of whatever (phallic symbols??? hahaha! No, I being silly!)... and add Pink to your bedroom... I have lovely pink blossom silk Japanese Cherry Blossom Branches and Pink Silk Roses... guess I should add waaay more pink, right?? haha!

Hey, did this just work??? Did I just get a picture on here of ME?? Haha! No, this not The Money Frog, it's ME! Go ahead and rub it for luck, if you likes! hahaha! No, that's silly! But this is huuuge for me -- if I can just figure out how to access my Money Frog picture, then I can put that on here, too!! And finally update the pictures on me site!! WooHoo!! (Okay, this is really annoying -- I can see my picture onmy site when I'm working on it, but then when I pop into my site online, only a box with an 'x' pops up, and the link won't work, either... ugh! Dammit, I'm gonna have to take a stoopid course in how to put the pictures on me site! Or maybe me just call my old webmaster, Steve... he be brilliant!!) Otay, one way or another, I will get you the Money Frog picture, so you can rub it, too!! Make you some money!! lol! :)